Earn your community's trust.

When Innivee Strategies is part of your transformation and journey, your organization will thrive. Together, let’s partner to engage and uplift the communities your organization serves.

Drive positive change from within.

Innivee Strategies works with associations to create organic solutions.


Translate your organization's values into goals with clearly defined horizons and align existing resources to attain desired outcomes.


Gain insight from outside, experienced advisors and coaches to work through challenges and improve performance.


Position your organization to successfully adapt to change and navigate positively through unexpected circumstances.


Attain effective governance through responsible stewardship of principles and expectations.

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Smart steps forward
Our Approach

It is not possible to achieve an entire organization’s desired outcomes in a single workshop or an one-day training. Our approach engages you in thoughtful deliberation about your organization while being mindful of the efficient use of your time and resources.

Innivee Strategies guides your organization toward a systematic, collaborative process that develops a strong strategic direction that is tied to, and steers, your organization’s operations.

What we can help you achieve:

Innivee Strategies partners with executives and board leaders to provide guidance in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your potential. Together, we analyze how your association gets things done and we work with you to brainstorm ideas on how you can become more effective.

Our Suite of Services

Innivee Strategies offers meaningful guidance and tools to develop each association’s effectiveness. We collaborate with your organization to make the right leadership decisions, guide you in the steps for transition to ensure the success of your leaders, help with the management of restructuring and change, and work with you on the development of partnerships and strategic collaborations.

Organization Assessment

Structure Alignment with Strategy

Strategic Communication

Leadership Development

Executive Evaluation

External & Partner Relations

Executive & Board Coaching

Goal-Setting Processes

We are your partners.

Innivee Strategies assists chief staff officers and chief elected officers in their leadership roles by facilitating the resolution of sensitive internal issues, improving outcomes based on sound board orientation programs, and engaging in thoughtful deliberation on matters that come before the group.

Some of our clients include:

Shane Feldman

Shane Feldman is the CEO of Innivee Strategies. He has over fifteen years of exceptional and invigorating leadership that has impacted many national and local organizations along with their stakeholders.

As a nonprofit executive, he aligned associations to the expectations of their boards and members. These achievements came through systemic changes to policies, processes, and practices that resulted in significant increases in visibility, efficiency, revenues, accountability, and influence.

Shane received his Master’s in Management and Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management from the University of Maryland University College and was selected to the Diversity Executive Leadership Program in the American Society of Association Executives.