Deaf Organization Executives Summit

November 9 to 10, 2022

Two days of learning, sharing, reflecting, and networking with fellow Deaf organization executives.


DOES is a highly interactive, deeply engaging two-day summit of executives from organizations that serve the Deaf community. It is an invitation-only event designed for organization executives to connect with peers in similar roles, share information and experiences, and support each other in identifying and devising solutions for community-wide challenges.

Learning Opportunities

Each participant will leave with profound new insights, new resources and information -- all applicable to your work. Topic leaders are selected not only for their experience and expertise, but for their ability to facilitate meaningful dialogue. This allows Deaf organization executives to thoroughly explore topics that are relevant to their work.

When and Where

November 9 to 10, 2022

Marriott Hartford/Windsor Airport
8 Day Hill Road
Windsor, Connecticut 06095

Hotel group discount room reservations can be made by clicking THIS LINK

What's Included

Two days of learning

Breakfast and lunch on both days

Dinner on the evening of the 9th



The following topics have been suggested through interviews with over 25 Deaf organization executives about this summit. Topics will continue to be solicited from further interviews and registrants. The topics that are included in the summit agenda will be determined by registrant feedback and facilitator availability. A more specific agenda will be released via email to summit registrants and those who indicate interest in registering.

Creating an organization culture that values Deaf and hearing professionals and leaders

Incorporating social justice in your organization’s conduct and strategic goals

Enhancing diversity within the Deaf organization leadership ranks

Positioning your organization for success in cross-disability initiatives

Serving the new Deaf demographic; adapting your organization for the future

How to frame Deaf community needs in a manner that is attractive to funders

Designing successful collaborations within our community

Identifying community needs with limited resources

Preparing for, and carrying out, successful organizational leadership succession

Positioning your organization to include Deaf people from underserved communities

Effective Board and staff relations in organizations

Lonely at the top: Executive Directors and CEOs and the fishbowl effect

Keeping the ship together until the captain arrives: How to support the success of acting and interim CEOs and Executive Directors

What does it look like to lead an organization that embraces Deaf community insight?

Emerging trends in Organizational Leadership: Shared & Distributed Leadership & Replacing Traditional Top-Down Power Structures in Organizations

Register for DOES Summit

DOES provides an experience with a format that prioritizes, facilitates, and enhances executive dialogue with colleagues. There will be no back to back workshops, solo speakers will be few and far between. This casual, lightly structured atmosphere allows participants to focus on the substance of the people you are learning from. This is an intentionally designed space to receive and share with others who understand your unique challenges.

Deaf organization executives of all levels and backgrounds are essential to building a strong and vibrant Deaf community. At this two-day gathering attendees will dialogue about personal and organizational change. Your knowledge will be refreshed when you focus on key values, recognize current trends and create a stronger community of leaders.

The Boyce Award

During DOES, a Deaf Executive will be recognized with The Boyce award, in honor of Boyce Williams a Deaf leader who, as the first deaf man to achieve an administrative position in federal government, pioneered many initiatives that have had a lasting impact on the Deaf community today. These include:

  • Organized funding for research and workshops that led to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).
  • Established the graduate-level National Leadership Training Program (NLTP) at California State University Northridge (CSUN) in 1962.
  • Pushed for the relocation of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) to Washington, D.C., from its offices in California in 1964.
  • Helped to establish the Captioned Films for the Deaf Program In 1958.
  • Initiated planning for and provided funding for a first-ever interpreters workshop during which the Registry of Interpreters (RID) was established In 1964.
  • Facilitated the establishment of the Research and Training Center on Deafness at New York University, which provided extensive training for mental health personnel working with deaf individuals.

His significant contributions to services in vocational rehabilitation, mental health, leadership training, and interpreter training and certification standards, and more are each incredible feats as stand-alone achievements. Boyce went well above and beyond the call of duty toward the Deaf community.